Download EFT PRO v2.0 Update 2020 Remove Huawei ID (Android 10)

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Last updated on April 2nd, 2020 at 08:58 pm

Hi EFT Users download here the latest setup for eft dongle/ eft Pro. The latest Release version is v1.9. EFT PRO v1.9 comes with support to downgrade Security on Huawei Devices running on Android 10. Downgrade to Reset FRP, Screenlock. The latest EFT Pro v2.0 is released with Erase Huawei ID for the latest models running Android 10.

EFT Pro is an advanced tool for Huawei Devices and a portable software tool for eft users.


EFT PRO Update Logs

[02-April-2020] EFT Dongle Update v2.0 is released:
[Huawei] Added support to erase Huawei ID for the following models:
ELE-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00L 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL10 10.0.0(C00)

New Models for Erase FRP

ELE-L04 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C316)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C605)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HRY-LX1T 10.0.0(C185)
HRY-LX1MEB 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L21 10.0.0(C432)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C636)
JSN-L23 10.0.0(C605)
JSN-L42 10.0.0(C675)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C316)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEB 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1M 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEA 10.0.0(C185)
PCT-L29 10.0.0(C432)
POT-LX1AF 10.0.0(C185)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C431)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX2 10.0.0(C185)
SNE-LX3 10.0.0(C605)
STK-L22 10.0.0(C636)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C432)
STK-L21MDV 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L23B 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-L04 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C316)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C432)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C636)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C605)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C185)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C605)

EFT Dongle Update v1.9.6 is released: 
 [General] Updated download files operation 

EFT Dongle Update v1.9.5 is released: 
 [General] Fixed "SSL handshake failed" Error on some connections  

EFT Dongle Update v1.9.4 is released: 
 - [General] Fixed bugs 
 EFT Dongle Update v1.9.3 is released: 
 - [Huawei] Added support to flash multi APP firmwares in upgrade mode to fix fail flash results 
 EFT Dongle Update v1.9.2 is released: 
 - [Huawei] Updated (Downgrade to reset FRP) operation 

EFT Dongle Update v1.9 is released: 

 [Huawei] Added support to Downgrade Huawei devices (Android 10) to Reset FRP using (Safe mode) method for the following models: 

 ELE-L04           10.0.0(C605)
 ELE-L29           10.0.0(C431)
 HMA-AL00        10.0.0(C00)
 HMA-L29          10.0.0(C432)
 HMA-L29          10.0.0(C605)
 LYA-L09            10.0.0(C432)
 LYA-L29            10.0.0(C185)
 LYA-L29            10.0.0(C432)
 MAR-LX1A        10.0.0(C431)
 MAR-L21A        10.0.0(C431)
 MAR-LX1M       10.0.0(C185)
 MAR-L21MEA   10.0.0(C185)
 PCT-L29            10.0.0(C432)
 POT-LX1AF       10.0.0(C185)
 STK-L21M         10.0.0(C185)
 VOG-AL00         10.0.0(C00)
 VOG-L29            10.0.0(C185)
 VOG-L29            10.0.0(C431)
 YAL-L21              10.0.0(C431)
 YAL-L21              10.0.0(C636)
 YAL-L61              10.0.0(C431)
 YAL-L61              10.0.0(C636) 
 [MTK] Added more supported devices: 
 TECNO-AB7 (Phantom 9 LTE DS)
 TECNO-BA2 (POP 2 Plus) 
 TECNO-B1 (POP 2 )
 TECNO-CA8S (Camon X Pro LTE DS)
 TECNO-CC6  (Camon 12 air)
 TECNO-CC7  (Camon 12)
 TECNO-CC9  (Camon 12 PRO) 
 TECNO-CF7 (Camon 11  LTE )
 TECNO-ID5A (Camon I 2) 
 TECNO-ID5B (Camon I 2X)
 TECNO-IN1 (Camon I ACE) 
 TECNO-KC3 (Camon 12 Air) 
 TECNO-KC6 (Spark 4 Air)
 TECNO-KC8 (Spark 4) 
 TECNO-LC6(Pouvoir 3 Air)
 TECNO-LC6A(Pouvoir 3 Air) 
 Nokia 2.2 (Nokia 2.2 ) 
 Lenovo XT-2025-3 (MOTOROLA K10)
 Lenovo TB-7504X  
 OPPO-R9m (R9m LTE DS)  

EFT Dongle Update v1.8.2 is released: 

 [General] Increased boot up speed 
 [MTK] Now every operation will continue even if (Read prop info…..Failed: can not find data) error occurred 
 [MTK] Updated initial connection for each operation  
 EFT Dongle Update v1.8.1 is released: 
 [MTK] Added option to show Test point photo for Huawei devices (AMN - JAT - KSA - MRD) 
 [MTK] Added option to restore screenlock without SystemUI to fix bootloop 
EFT Dongle Pro New Update 22/01/2020
 What is New ?
 EFT Dongle Update v1.8 is released:
 [MTK] Added support to reset FRP for more than 2000 supported model
 [MTK] Added support to format (Userdata - Cache - Nvdata) partitions for more than 2000 supported model
 [MTK] Added support to Read / Flash Scatter firmwares for more than 2000 supported model
 [MTK] Added support to format any partition for any supported model manually by the user
 [MTK] Added support to Reset ScreenLock for more than 2000 supported model using 4 Methods 
 Note: This Update is in Beta testing stage for MTK interface

Download EFT PRO Update

EFT PRO The Latest version is available here to download. Download link last updated on 02-April-2020

Download Erase Huawei ID Firmware

EFT PRO v2.0

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