Download EFT PRO v3.4.0 New Update | Repair IMEI for Generic QCOM Devices

Hi EFT Users download here the latest setup for eft dongle/ eft Pro. The latest Release version is v3.4.0. Qualcomm Models added in this update. EFT Pro Download for Many Brands QCOM added for Read/Write Firmware, FRP, ScreenLock(2 Methods).

EFT Pro also supports to downgrade Security on Huawei Devices running on Android 10. Downgrade to Reset FRP, Screenlock. The latest EFT Pro is released with a New Rooting Solution for the latest models running Android 10 and special tasks to fix Network for Demo phones Samsung S10, S10+, S10e, Note10, Note10+, Note10 Lite, S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.


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EFT PRO Update Logs

EFT Dongle Update v3.4.0 is released:

- [Samsung] Added support to Read info (Firmware - Model - DID code) in download mode
- [Qualcomm] Added support to Repair IMEI for Generic Qualcomm based devices in Diag mode
- [Qualcomm] Added support to Read/Write QCN for Generic Qualcomm based devices in Diag mode
- [Qualcomm] Added support to Enable diag mode through Rooted ADB

EFT Dongle Update v3.3.1 is released:

[Huawei] Added support to read (BASE - CUSTOM - PRELOAD) versions in fastboot
[Huawei] Added suppot to flash (preload) update app in fastboot with (base & cust) files

EFT Dongle Update v3.3.0 is released:

[MTK] Recoded Flash Scatter feature completely and fixed all Flash Bugs
[MTK] Updated Boot-META switch operation and updated OPPO A5s option
[MTK] Fixed dll missing issue in Fastboot operations

EFT Dongle Update v3.2.2 is released:

[MTK] Added option to specify Oppo A5s BROM state to fix switch to meta mode problem

EFT Dongle Update v3.2.1 is released

[MTK] Increased waiting time after switch to meta mode before searching for meta port

EFT Dongle Update v3.2.0 is released

 Added "OPPO MTK" drivers to the list in install drivers tab
[MTK] Added META Mode operations tab (Without need to DA - Auth - Scatter) with the following features:
-- Repair IMEI (Boot mode & ADB mode)
-- Backup NVRAM (Boot mode)
-- Restore NVRAM (Boot mode)
-- Factory Reset (Boot mode) (Including support for Oppo A5s)
-- Reboot device from (Preloader & BROM) modes to 11 supported targets (Fastboot, Factory, Recovery…..) modes
-- Read Info
[MTK] Added new supported models:
-- CASPER-Via A1
-- CASPER-Via E1
-- CASPER-Via E2
-- CASPER-Via F1
-- CASPER-Via L8
-- CASPER-Via M1
-- CASPER-Via M3
-- CASPER-Via V3
-- CASPER-Via V4
-- CASPER-Via V5
-- CASPER-Via V8
-- CASPER-Via V9
-- GeneralMobile GM6
-- GeneralMobile GM6 D
-- GeneralMobile GM8 GO
-- GeneralMobile GM8 GO D
-- GeneralMobile GM9 GO
-- GeneralMobile GM9 GO D
-- INFINIX X656 Note 7 Lite
-- TECNO-BB2 (POP 3)
-- TECNO-KD7 (Spark 5)
[QCOM] Added new supported models:
-- ANS UL40
-- CASPER-Via A2
-- CASPER-Via A3
-- CASPER-Via G1
-- CASPER-Via V10
-- GeneralMobile GM-GM8
-- GeneralMobile GM-GM8 D
-- GeneralMobile GM-GM9 PRO
-- VESTEL-Venus 4.5 (VSP145M)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5V (VSP250g)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5X (VSP250s)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5.5V (VSP355g)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5.5X (VSP355s)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5000 (Leo)
-- VESTEL-Venus 5530 (Pars)
-- VESTEL-Venus E2 (Leo)
-- VESTEL-Venus E2 Plus (Ada)
-- VESTEL-Venus E2 Plus D (Ada)
-- VESTEL-Venus GO (AdaGo)
-- VESTEL-Venus V3 5010 (DynoLight)
-- VESTEL-Venus V3 5040 (Dyno 1GB)
-- VESTEL-Venus V3 5045 (Dyno 2GB)
-- VESTEL-Venus V3 5070 (Liva)
-- VESTEL-Venus V3 5570 (Juno)
-- VESTEL-Venus V5 (Teos)
-- VESTEL-Venus V6 (Samos)
-- VESTEL-Venus Z10 (Reys)
-- VESTEL-Venus Z20 (Cunda)

EFT Pro Dongle Update V3.1 is released:

- [General] Improved User Interface and added function tab including (Manage Tool Account & Change login type & Reset User Account.......).
- [General] Added "Drivers" tab to install drivers with one click for (MediaTek, Huawei Hisilicon, Huawei ADB, Huawei USB, QCOM 9008, Huawei USB COM 1.0).
- [Qualcomm] Updated Connection codes.
- [MTK] Updated Flash function.
- [MTK] Added Alternative flash method (Direct memory write instead of download).
- [MTK] Updated Safe Flash filter to avoid breaking MTK devices as much as possible.

- [Qualcomm] Added QCOM section with the following features (EDL Mode):

-- Read Info
-- Reset FRP
-- Read Firmware
-- Flash Firmware (Including RawProgram.xml & Patch.xml)
-- Factory Reset
-- Format specified partition
-- Remove ScreenLock (Two methods)

>> Supported Models list

EFT Pro Dongle Update V2.9 is released:

[Samsung] Added support to Fix Network on Samsung Demo devices after flash global firmware (Rooted Android 10)
-- Tested on these model (More devices are supported):
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10+
Galaxy Note10 Lite
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20 Ultra

EFT Dongle Update v2.6 is released:

- [MTK] Fixed stuck on "Resetting FRP" and not reboot device after finish operations Errors
EFT Dongle Update v2.5 is released:

- [Samsung] Added support to flash Samsung MediaTek Devices (SM-A107F.....)
- [Samsung] Added support to reset FRP for SM-T285 in download mode
- [Huawei] Update Upgrade mode Flashing process

EFT Dongle Update v2.4 is released:
- [EFTSU] Updated to version 3.19 with the following features:
    -- Synced with latest sources
    -- Added support to Root All Samsung devices that upgraded to android 10 (ex: SM-G975F, SM-N960F.....)
EFT Dongle Update v2.3 is released:
- [Samsung] Added support to flash Galaxy S20 series

EFT Dongle Update v2.2 is released:

[EFTSU] Fixed issue "Patching…..Failed: Error 1" during new Root patch process

EFT Dongle Update v2.1 is released:

[EFTSU] [EXCLUSIVE] [First In The World] Updated EFTSU to version 3.18 with the following features:
-- Added support to Root Latest Samsung Galaxy devices (Including: SM-N770F, SM-G985F……) without any vbmeta errors
-- [EXCLUSIVE] [First In The World] Added support to Root and bypass Samsung Galaxy SM-A515F security
-- Added support to Bypass AVB system signature
-- No need to Recovery patch (Android 10 PreReleased)
-- No need to reboot into recovery (Android 10 PreReleased)
-- Compatible with all cert patching operations

Download EFT PRO Update

EFT PRO The Latest version is available here to download. Download link last updated on 08-August-2020

Download Erase Huawei ID Firmware

EFT PRO v3.4.0

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