Download Infinity CM2MT2 Setup V2.11 – New Features

Infinity CM2 MT2 Tool latest version Download. Download Setup for CM2MT2 v2.11. Many new Models(CPU based) and New Features are added. Infinity Mediatek v2 Tool Free download.

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What is New?

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.11 - New features activated

BugFix : META protocol updated
Changed : Loader v2012 supported and tested
Changed : Identify in META now read NVRAM dump that is compatible with flash mode writing
!Feature may not work on old devices - Android 4.x, MT6572 and similar legacy chips !Feature useful also for devices which can not connect via flash mode as security save way
Changed : Identify now also verify EXTRA security flags
!Signed types detection ( RSA signed security items ) !Encrypted types detection ( Vendor-modified security items )
!Edit/Repair security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment ! !Swap security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment !
New Feature : Google Attestation key installation
!Allow upload attestation keys to devices which require it ( Google Key red mark in phone after complete boot ) !In most cases it model-depend file!
!SW DO NOT allow select wrong file ( non attestation-key file ) by verify content of file !Files in most cases delivered with factory fw package ( kb.bin , Android_Key and other similar )
Firmware Reader
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types
Changed : File selection optimized for latest build revisions - multi-bundle etc.
Changed : Init PMT procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)
Changed : Init Preloader procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)
BugFix : Minor changes and bugfixes
BugFix : Compatiblity issues fixes

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.10 - New MTK chips and UFS storage

NewChip: Helio G90T (Formely MT6785) supported (UFS / eMMC)
NewChip: MT6731 supported (eMMC / NAND)
NewChip: Helio A20 (Formely MT6761 low-cost revision) supported
NewChip: Helio P90 (Formely MT6779) support under test (UFS / eMMC)
BugFix : MT6595/MT6597 BROM support broken, fixed (Agent 17xx-19xx)
New Feature : UFS FlashIC support
!* Support flashing Factory / Infinity FW
!* Support MemoryTool
!* Support Factory Firmware reading
!* Support Service operations
!* SOC's on market, support UFS chips right now : G90, P70, P90
Changed : Repair security procedure updated (Flash and Meta mode)
Changed : SPUnlock procedure updated (Flash and Meta mode)
Changed : Identify procedure updated
Changed : Format FS / Reset FRP now support UFS flash too
New Feature : Modem Re-Init (NVfix)
!* Useful after FixBB, in case of modem subsystem alive
Firmware Reader
New Feature : UFS flash support
New Feature : Combo scatter creation for newest chipset
!* Produced scatter MAY NOT work with OLDER SPFT (factory flasher) below 19xx versions!
!* Produced scatter is 100% like factory ones
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types
Changed : NAND support revised
Changed : LEGACY line support revised
Changed : Platform and version depend scatter creation for better compatibility with SPFT
Changed : LEGACY line with Android 9 (MT6580 and similar) specific changes
New Feature : UFS flash support
!* Support Read , Write , Erase partitions
!* Support RePartition
!* Support Preloader init
!* Support Change Work mode (ADR / PRT)
!* Change storage settings useless, all flash content mapped in single mode
Changed : Structure identification
Changed : Automatic files selection at folder change
New Feature : Support COMBO scatter's (
!* Automatic selection depend on device Flash (UFS/EMMC/NAND)
!* Storage selection done automatic according detected, for end-user all selection and rest settings remain same as before
New Feature : Support MTK chips with UFS FlashIC flashing
!* All features (Erase / Verify / PMT upgrade / Backup / HW Compatibility) work for devices with UFS as well
Changed : Scatter tab changes, specific to multi-storage selection and settings
Meta protocol functions updated
Changed : Updated security detection feature
BugFix : Updated structure verification
BugFix : A lot of minor changes and bugfixes applied
Changed: Many internal changes to improve compatibility with other applications, antiviruses and similar software.
Changed: Software load/operation speed improvements implemented


Download Latest Infinity CM2MT2 Setup

You can Download Latest CM2MT2 Tool Setup version 2.11 which is the latest version till the date 18 Jan 2020. This page is updated whenever the team releases a new version of this tool. We Share Mediafire Download link Here which never expires. Download Link Last Updated on 05-June-2020

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