Infinity CM2QLM Tool v1.16 – Download and Features

Flashing Tools

Download Latest Setup for Infinity CM2QLM module. Qualcomm tool for Qualcomm chipset. Infinity-Box is a famous name in the GSM industry. CM2QLM is an infinity box product. It comes with the activation of the infinity box or infinity dongle.

New Models and Improvements

Supported CPU



Safe Engine to flash New type of CPU, improved Factory firmware handling. Secure and Generic Types are now supported with 50+ Loaders which covers 230+ New Type of Secure and Generic type of CPU. CM2QLM does not require any manual loaders.

Read Firmware from newer devices with A/B memory architecture system. New CPU types supported ( brand-specific and generic types ), Files verification revised. Reads Safe firmware so that device unique security data remains safe after flashing.

ZTE, Asus, Alcatel, some Oppo, Coolpad, Alcatel, Vivo, Lenovo, some other Cyanogen based models including WileyFox and some rest, Asus, Nokia, Xiaomi, LYF, and other secure types Generic Secure Chinese types,

Service operations

Read Write QCN, read and write calibrations data and secure memory in XQCN format, QCN verification. Backup, Restore and Wipe Security.

Wipe Data, Cache, Reset FRP. Repair Data, Cache, MSC. Forced Fix User, Cache, MSC. Reset Xiaomi Account.

Enable the Diag mode option. Allow enabling diagnostic port on the device (ROOT REQUIRED)

Fastboot to EDL Mode,

Memory Tool

Wiping Partition, Fixed VCL error on Windows 7, Boot Configuration updated


Read Pattern Lock on Android 4.xx and 5.xx. Reset Locks including Pattern, Pincode, Password, Face, Fingerprint, Gesture without Touching Userdata. Data Recovery Function for recovering phonebook.

Download Infinity CM2QLM v1.16

File Name: CM2QLM

File Size: 106 MB

MD5: 09E13A6CADE3199342B1174840369537


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