Jazz Super 4G MF673 M10 Unlock All Versions B11, B12, B13, B14, B15, B16

Unlock MF673 m10 for all sims. 100% Tested Unlocked Firmware for Jazz MF673. Unlock Jazz MF673 for Versions B11, B12, B13, B14, b15, and B16.

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How to Unlock Jazz MiFi MF673

  • Download JAZZ MiFi MF673 Unlock All Version.zip and Extract using WinRar
  • Install ADB Setup System-wide
  • If Version is B11 or below use the OLD version.
  • If New Version B12 or above use the new version.

Password: www.allaboutflashing.com

For Old Version B11 or Below

  • Power off MiFi Device and press and Hold Power Button+WPS Button and Connect USB Cable
  • Open flash.cmd to start flashing Unlocked Firmware on Jazz MF673

For New Version B12 or Above

  • Turn on MiFi Device and connect with PC and Install Drivers
  • When you see Jazz.Wifi Page on your Web Browser leave it opened and start the process
  • Open 1.cmd , then 2.cmd, and last 3.cmd to finalize the unlocking procedure.

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