UMT Pro Ultimate HST Tool (HiSilicon Service Tool) v0.1 Official Released

Download UMT HST Tool for HiSilicon Devices to unbrick and repair. UMT Team Releases a new tool for UMT v2 / UMT Pro Users to service Hisillicon devices. This is the first initial release from the Team. You can use this tool to flash, unbrick, and repair Huawei Kirin 655, 658, 659, 950, 955, 960, and 970 devices.

This tool is available for UMT Users but you must have EMMC activation to use this tool. But there is good news for Beta Users, they can download a beta version to test this tool. You can download this tool from the given link at the bottom of this page.


Huawei COM1 Flashing

  • Flash EmptyBoard Software
  • Flash UPDATE.APP

Enable Downgrade while Flashing

Protect Critical Partitions from Flashing/Erasing

Read/Write OEMINFO

Read/Write Security Data

Erase FRP

Supports Kirin 655, 658, 659, 950, 955, 960, and 970 as beta.

Changes Log

UMTv2 / UMTPro - UltimateHST v0.1 - HiSilicon Service Tool Initial Release

COM1.0 Flasher
Supported Chipsets:

  • Kirin 655
  • Kirin 658
  • Kirin 659
  • Kirin 950
  • Kirin 955
  • Kirin 960
  • Kirin 970

Fastboot Info

  • It will let you read basic info in Fastboot Mode

Flash Board Software

  • You can flash standard board firmware XML using this function
  • You can check/uncheck required partitions
  • Choose configuration from XML, Fastboot or Partial Erase
  • Option to protect critical data from write / erase


  • You can flash APP firmware either via TP or in Upgrade Mode
  • Customizable flashing (not applicable in Upgrade Mode flashing)
  • You can flash multiple files one by one at the moment
  • Upgrade Mode Flashing Supported
  • Enable Downgrade/Protect Critical Data/Custom Flashing not applicable in Upgrade Mode

Enable Downgrade

  • You can use while flashing using TP.
  • This option is checked by default.

Protect Critical Data

  • This option will protect critical data from erase/write
  • This option in only applicable in COM1.0 / Fastboot Mode


  • Backup OEMINFO data from COM1.0/Fastboot mode


  • Restore OEMINFO data in COM1.0/Fastboot mode

Backup Security

  • Backup Security data from COM1.0/Fastboot mode

Restore Security

  • Restore Security data in COM1.0/Fastboot mode

Reset FRP

  • Need to connect phone in COM1.0/Fastboot mode
  • It will not work if you enter Fastboot mode manually

FwTP (Firmwwre TP)

  • This function will let you enter COM1.0 without disassemble phone
  • You need same version Firmware for your device
  • Strictly to be used only on Platform supported
  • Need to connect phone in Upgrade Mode to Enable FwTP
  • To exit COM1.0 Mode, you need to Disable FwTP

Download UltimateHST Tool

Here is the link to download UMT PRO Ultimate HST Tool v0.3 Alpha 3. Make sure you have uninstalled previous installation.

Download Link last Updated 11-Dec-2020

UltimateHST_v0.1_Official_Release | File Size: 30.5 MB

UltimateHST_v0.1_Beta_Alpha_3 | File Size: 21.14 MB


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