Download Infinity CM2SP2 Setup v2.07 SPD/UniSoc Module

Download Latest CM2SP2 Tool Setup v2.07. Latest Version of CM2SP2 for new SPD and UniSoc Feature phones and Smartphones. Xiaomi, KaiOs, RepairSec, PACv2 and more updated supported.

which is the latest released by infinity Team. Many new devices and CPU added by Infinity Team. You can read below logs to know what is new added in this update.

What is New?

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.07 - UltraReading & New Features activated

Changed : FlashCore Protocol updated
BugFix : SC9832E line support updated
BugFix : SC9820E line support updated
BugFix : SC9863x line support updated
NewFeature : eMMC ReadOnly check for DLv4 and later ( automatic during boot )
Changed : All service features speed under FlashMode increased

Changed : Flash Engine updated
Changed : FastFlash protocol updated

BugFix [Identify] : FS state detection may fail for legacy SPD line, fixed
Changed [Identify] : SelfLearn / Automatic DB update during “Identify” rebuild
Changed [Identify] : Support detection of AES and RSA-enabled auth in devices/loaders
Changed [Identify] : Support correct BASE <-> DEVICE verification for optimal loader selection
BugFix [Read Privacy] : Privacy Lock reading on some devices may fail , fixed
NewFeature [Read Privacy] : Mobile AntiTheft password reading ( another version of “privacy lock” )
BugFix [Format FS] : Fixed Format FS in DiagMode for Android 10 and modern Android 9 devices

Firmware Reader
Changed : Complete FWReader rebuild to cover most count of different devices, existing on market *
!* Almost all Flashing issues has been fixed, FWRead repeat required for problematic cases/models!
Changed : UltraReading option activated ! *
!* Now reading of UniSoc devices 3-5 times faster, than before

  • approx 20 mins instead of 70 for SC9853i (2.2 GiB) comparing to older releases
  • approx 12 mins instead of 40 for SC9832E (2.5 GiB) comparing to older releases
  • approx 20 mins instead of 60 for SC9863 (4.4 GiB) comparing to older releases
  • approx 15 mins instead of 50 for SC7731 (1.5 GiB) comparing to older releases
    !* Most generic loaders now support FastReading ( RS,SS,0S,1S,2S )
  • Use USB-2 port !
  • DO NOT use USB-3 port !
  • DO NOT use USB-HUB !
    Changed : Improved structure identification
    Changed : Support more different types
    Changed : Android 10 devices support improved

Model DB
Changed : New Generic loaders included and updated existing ones
Changed : SC9820E(eMMC), SC9832E, SC9863x loaders updated

BugFix : Minor changes and fixes
Changed : Power Reset/Switch off scenario operation-depend now
Option : GUI ( File -> GUI ) : Allow select other interface mode*
!* Default interface – standard V2 line GUI
!* Wide interface – best for big screen / big distance to monitor
!* Wide log – extend log window to screen size – optimal for most cases

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSOC v2.05 - NAND, KaiOs and new features

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released
NewChip : SC7731E with NAND ( KaiOS and MocorDroid5 )
NewChip : SC7715x with NAND ( KaiOS , MocorDroid5 , Android 4x)
NewChip : SC9820x with NAND ( MocorDroid5 , Android 4x)
Protocol : Speed increased for most operations ( SPD and UniSOC )
Protocol : Protocol changes according SPD/UniSOC R23 line
New Feature : NAND support ( SPD and UniSOC generation )
!* Support flashing Factory / InfinityFW
!* Support correct flash selection and servicing phones with NAND
!* Support InfinityFW reading ( Complete, Factory-Like )
!* Support Service operations
Changed : Repair security procedure updated (Flash and Diag mode)
Changed : Identify procedure updated
!* Support complete and fast NAND devices identification
!* Support complete simlock info structure identify and verify
!* Support multi-nv structure detection and security info detection
!* Database update / self-learning updated
!* FileSystem identification support UBIFS and F2FS detection
Changed : Format FS / Reset FRP procedure updated
Firmware Reader
New Feature : NAND support
!* Support old and new generations ( SPD and UniSOC )
!* Support plain Android , KaiOs and MocorDroid5 OS
!* Automatic and correct FileSystem creation for NAND devices
!* Support all security types, include UniSoc secure/signed
!* Produced FW is 100% like factory one
Changed : FileSystem creation engine updated ( UBIFS support , bugfixes )
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types
Changed : Old SPD line support rebuild ( SC7715,SC7731,SC983x,SC9820x )
Changed : Fixed FW creation in full manual / skip verify mode settings
New Feature : Complete flash erase ( whole flash format ) during flashing ( eMMC / NAND )
New Feature : Correct NAND flashing support ( SPD and UniSOC ) ( Factory PAC and InfinityFW )
Changed : Flashing core for InfinityFW more stable
Loader Database
NewChip : SC7715 BASE NAND revisions included
NewChip : SC9820 BASE NAND revisions included
NewChip : SC7731E BASE NAND revisions included
NewChip : SC7731E BASE eMMC LOW_MEM revisions included ( cheap A8-A9 devices )
NewChip : SC7731x BASE eMMC LOW_MEM revisions included ( old A4-A5 GEA devices )
Changed : Manual mode : automatic structure and setting detection in manual mode
Changed : Automatic base settings selection for BASE loaders ( Protocol, Charging, FlashSettings )
Changed : Separate NAND mode option activated in platform settings for manual mode
BugFix : Lot of minor changes and bugfixes
Changed : Software compatibility with other applications improved

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSoc v2.04 - Xiaomi, KaiOs, RepairSec, PACv2 and more

Silent work is much better than thousand words…

– Support for PACv2 format activated
– Core updated
– Protocol updated
– SC9820E support activated ( Generic and Secure types )

– Repair security option activated
Allow repair device security items on generic devices
Work in Flash mode
Work in DiagChan mode
SimLock-enabled devices may NOT work
Security-enabled devices will NOT work

– Firmware Flasher updated
Updated core
Updated PAC types support
Revised NVManager

– Firmware Reader updated
More accurate data verification
Reading speed optimized for some UniSoc models
Android version-depend mode activated ( allow avoid flashing issues on android 9 and newer )
KaiOS devices supported ( SC7731E eMMC, SC9820E eMMC tested and working ) now for Read Firmware

– Identify procedure revised
Now it also support for security verification ( signed NV )
Better FS state verification
More usable build props info extraction

– Revised manual mode selection and possible combinations ( can combine firmware and loader from any source )

– Loader database
SC7715 eMMC loaders included
SC9820 loaders updated
SC9863 loaders updated
SC9820E eMMC loaders included
Various range of models from Wiko, LYF, BLU, BQ, Symphny, Itel and others included in DB

– Other
Bug fixes and changes according users requests

– Extra
Xiaomi QIN 1S+ supported ( Identify, Repair, Firmware Reading, Reset Settings ) BKey : Call button
Xiaomi QIN 2 supported ( Identify, Firmware Flash, Repair, Firmware Reading, FRP, Reset Settings ) Bkey : Assistant button
Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro supported ( Identify, Firmware Flash, Repair, Firmware Reading, FRP, Reset Settings ) Bkey : Assistant button

What is New in CM2 SP2 Tool V2.03

– Core
Protocol updated
Error handling, error explanation and hint module updated

– Service
NVM operations revized
DiagMode option activated ( Platform -> Control -> DiagMode )
> Change SW mode to diag, instead of flash. Do not require BootSelection.
Allow for now:
1. Identify Device – ModemInfo, Build Info, SecurityInfo, SOC Info, DeviceHW Info
2. Format FS / Reset settings ( NOT touch FRP! ) – WIPE mode
3. Read NV data, verify NV
> Don’t forget change SW mode between Service/Flash for those operations !

New Identify option – device Platform, Device HW details identification
> Allow detect device SOC family, RAM amount for faster loader selection
> Work in DiagMode, Work ON MODERN and UNISOC chipset only !

– Flasher
Optimized flashing protocol
Optimized older device line support
NVManager updated – Identify, Backup, Security swap
NVManager Recovery tool updated

– Firmware Reader
Optimized structure identification
Activated “forced” reading. Option skip data verification.
> In case of semi-damaged devices, if backup atleast of something required
> In case of “Critical data damaged” errors
Optimized data verification during create FW

– Database:
SC983xx generic loader DB updated
SC9853i generic loader DB updated
SC7731E generic loader DB updated
SC7731x generic loader DB updated
SC9863 loaders DB updated – BQ, Wiko, ZTE, Symphony
SC7731c/g loaders DB updated – various models and RAM size
SC9832E loaders DB updated – Meizu, Wiko
Some other various models with specific hw settings included in loader DB

– Other
Boot Selection mode are indepedent ( loader base can be changed after FW selection, in Platform tab )
Bug fixes and changes according users requests

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Download Infinity CM2SP2 Module v2.07 Setup

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